Wednesday, June 21, 2006

long time no blog

if you realised, my previous entry is kinda hanging in mid-air.. last sat, after the kairos guys did their nonsense on my comp, i had to discuss camp details with caleb.. and then, i watched Cars with valery (it was a good outing+show.. deserves an entry on its own actually), after which, i met my sc classmates for dinner at jb. had a long chat with ms on msn on sunday afternoon, took a much needed nap after that, woke up, can't remember what i did actually, but.oh answered a few emails. ah, had another long chat with sb on msn, shared with d & j too.. cool. msn. i'm glad it's back in my life.. now that meet team would be back in like 18 hours, that means, debs & hweeshan would be free on msn too (i hope). yay!! welcome back. [note to matt: see the wonders of msn? but then, you email, so, not too bad..]

haven't really had time to blog about life in specific & general. that measely entry on lpc would never do justice to how real and refreshing that camp was. added on with the unity prayer that saturday, that ended off that week with a sort of bitter yet sweet note. the disappointment of the church retreat after that.. the hk trip, that i enjoyed, yet, something still nags at me.. working at pearson publishers immediately after i returned, which, on a side note, it is a great blessing that ms has joined me. plus the arts comm meetings that have taken place.. oh, last week's kairos that i actually enjoyed.. and how things in church are starting to fit into place. yet things aren't all that rosy..feeling spiritually dry is a reality. and the youth cg camp that is this weekend.. still so much to prepare for, yet so little time & prayers!! but, it's heartening to see sul, caleb, wx & angela working together...still unsure about taking thai lessons.. what the future holds.. and the creeping thoughts of me actually being a workaholic?!

plus how being sick does affect me a bit... to the extent that i think i better end here and post all those stuff i just blogged about,another day. one thing that has been constantly hitting me is that God is most concern about each one of us. and that is enough to give me joy to go through each day, despite how tired i am:)

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