Tuesday, August 30, 2005


i'm highly annoyed.

i have this friend, who's overseas. a couple of months back, me, being the nice person, decided to email him and ask him how things were for him, plus, i told him what was going on in my life. he took ages to reply. and, when he finally did, instead of returning the greetings, he asked me to go and find out the emails of some people i'm not in contact with.. i was a lil annoyed, because, at least he could have the common courtesy to say hi and all the etc nice-ities before asking for a favour... i didn't reply his email for about a week, and then, guess what. he sent me another email this time, questioning God's existence, and then subsequently, my existence.. woa. that pissed me to the point that i almost hit the roof.

[ok, i figured, a lil background knowledge here would do everyone some good. this guy here, isn't a christian. i thought he was, and so did a lot of other people, until i chatted with him properly before he left s'pore. that's when i found out he wasn't. i shared the gospel with him and all, but.. oh well. since then, i've grown to realise that he seriously doubts the existence of God.how i know, he used to ask me all sorts of questions on msn.]

hence, when he used such a means to get my attention, i was fuming mad.. he made me feel that i only 'befriended' him to 'convert' him. as if, once he starts questioning God, i would respond pronto. anyway, why am i brining this up? well, because, i just checked my friendster account( i do so once every few months..) and lo and behold, what i did find:

Subject: hi adeline
Message: hey,does GOD exist,madeline?

do u have an answer...

-.- you even got my name wrong. tell me, should i be annoyed? argh.

Monday, August 22, 2005

aching mouth

if i could, i would chop off my mouth. my left wisdom tooth that has emerged three-quarters , is aching.. i feel like a teething 20-month old baby-.- plus, i bit the right side of my mouth a few days ago, in my excitement while eating(what's new). so now, there's this cut there.. either that or it's a breeding ground for a soon-to-emerge-ulcer. whatever it is, my mouth really hurts.

but, as always, one must always look on the bright side of life, right?! so, here's the plus point of an aching mouth: aching mouth= can't chew properly OR food causing further pain to the mouth. therefore, these would result in me eating less, which would inevitably(i hope) lead to a drastic drop in weight, like that of olinda cho/ quan yi feng/ rui en/ lindsay lohan/ *insert name of any female(and sometimes male) celebrity*

wow.i aspire to be as thin as lindsay lohan. let's celebrate with a green salad and topped with boiled skinless chicken breast.

*yikes* i almost forgot, i can't chew.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

moving house n the likes

one of my prc friends just went offline... to study. yes, study. and then, this thought struck me, that if i study at the same frequency as he does, man, i'm going to be on dean's list this sem. ( who am i even trying to kid =X)

anyway, i'll be off soon lah. i really should START on my south asia readings. the course pack is so heavy, i refuse to carry it to school, so i can only read it at home. but before i go, i must go wash my clothes, which, have i informed you, my dear reader, that i'm moving house?? yes, sometime next month, i would've moved to woodlands. uh-huh, you read correctly, it's w-o-o-d-l-a-n-d-s. even further away from nus =X but, thankfully, it's near church. ok, 'near' is an understatement. it's a 5-min stroll from the doorstep of my house, to the doorstep of church. heh. which brings me back to the issue of washing clothes.

10 reasons why i'm glad we are moving house:
1. we (finally) get a new washing machine. my present one broke down in may. so, i'm more than happy to finally be able to throw my clothes in a washing machine.
2. i get to redo my room!! it'll be either pink&green or pink&brown.. or just sky blue, w flowers. haha. i think i saw some horrified looks. ^ ^
3. i'm going to get a sofa!!! come sit, come sit!!
4. we are going to get wireless!!!
5. the new house is near church
6. it's also near 3 supermarkets, which means, i don't have to lug an ice-pack in search of those elusive ingredients whenever i bake/cook.
7. it's also near causeway point. which, actually, ain't a good thing, cos this would equate to more trips, subsequently more money spent. i should just go set up a fixed deposit.pfft.
8. ok, im running out of pointless ideas, i'm just glad for a change. i've grown to love change:)
in my 20 years of life, i've moved houses, changed churches, gone to so many schools, met so many people, changed so many 'best' friends, seen so much happen...
i realise that only one thing is common. and that would be God, of course:) and i'm glad i can count on God for always being there when i need Him, for providing my every need.

thank You God:)

(now, off to make a go at the dean's list ^ ^)

Friday, August 12, 2005

ain't perfect

it's official, i ain't a freshie anymore.

a freshie I am no more
of thicker tomes I must pore
Wisdom come my way, I implore.

yesterday was arts vcf welcome tea. there were many freshies.. a lot. to the point that, i'm a lil worried for cg, cos i realised that there will be many needs to be met. have to make sure the freshies fit in, the seniors still get their input, and my co-cgls that we are still alive.. haha. yeah. maybe "worried" ain't the word. i'm definitely challenged. and i've grown to realise that i'm a perfectionist. especially when i take charge. it took my social work tutorial to clash with my e-lang core modules, which spelled a total disrutption of my PERFECT timetable. i freaked, i tell you. plus, i was darn pissed that the lecturer didn't bother putting up her module on ivle any sooner than 2 days before the lecture, kindly informing us of the difference in the two separate sw modules. i was like, wert?! (then again, it's my fault, i should have checked the sw website.)

so, it led me to the choice of 1. find another module to replace the dropped sw one( rebidding at round 3C??if i can even find any modules left-.-) or 2. drop sw, and simply stick to 5 mods this sem. argh. after i calmed down, i realised that it could be God's way of saying, "stick to 5 modules. you can't handle 6 this sem." so, i'm back to 5 modules. yes. sigh. i guess it's a good thing after all, because, i've grown to realise that meeting people, especially new people, saps my energy. i was so exhausted after yesterday's welcome tea. i've met way too many people eversince i've moved church, and especially so for vcf in the past 2 months. [disclaimer: but, that doesn't mean i don't enjoy meeting people.]

sunday's Festival of Praise, was real good. the worship was simply there to exalt God, and nothing else. it's so often that we forget that we all exist to magnify God's glory. and that we are all here by God's grace.. haha. i think from now on, people should just call me by my chinese name 'Rong En', cos it means, by the grace and for the glory of God. furthermore, when Ps Edmond Chan prayed at FOP, he reminded everyone that we need to be joyful, that the "joy of the Lord is our strength". how true. i need to find joy in meeting people, in serving God, in studying, at home, etc...

a friend pointed out that i strive to be perfect in things. yesterday, while i was recharging my batteries before welcome tea, i did my qt and prayed. and these 3 lines surfaced in my head:

perfection unattainable
leave everything in the hands of
the God who is able.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

school begins

and so school began
without much fanfare
like that of those big bangs
of the Singapore birthday glare.

hoey, im back to writing poetry.
this struck me at an ungodly hour of 10plus am, during social linguistics module, while i struggled to make it through the prof's brit accent.. ok, i was just zoned out. if i'm in a better mood, i'll post one on tt hk exchange student i met during the south asia module. haha. if u know my fascination with hk, to put it mildly... heh

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


where did www.beatcoop.com go??? it just disappeared. one day, it's there, running, the next day, it has run away... i think i know where it went. i'm positive the nus co-op hacked into beatcoop.com AND brought the server down.

argh. now, i can't get my textbooks 2ndhand no more. i'll have to resort to that chicken coop for exhorbitant prices..

Monday, August 08, 2005


i'm like.. WOA!! now..have u SEEN the trailers, yes, trailerS for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe?? i've found a website that has the official movie trailer PLUS behind the scenes action with the director, etc...

this, is something you've to see for yourself.

heh. if you haven't realized by now, yes. i'm a huge C. S Lewis fan. for the simple fact that he's such a true Christian writer.

and, there are 2 reasons why i'm so excited about this movie:
1. yes, i do so want to see everything that i've imagined about the book.
2. more importantly, the parallels between Aslan, the Lion & Jesus, will hopefully, make the gospel clearer to my friends. narnia is like, the gospel in a chronicled fantasy form.