Saturday, August 12, 2006

cors bidding

this is blog-worthy:

thursday, 12.15pm:

NM 2220 Introduction to media writing, of 1660, i bid 1700
EL 4252 Interactive Discourse of 101, i bid 99.

at 4.30pm, at close bidding, with like zero clue what i could bid, i swopped 10 points around:

NM 2220 Introduction to media writing: 1690
EL 4252 Interactive Discourse: 109

wei asked what's the point of what i was doing.. i didn't know either..

friday, 9.40am, i logged onto ivle to see that i had all 5 of my modules. half amused, i went online to cors to check my programme account.

imagine my amusement and amazement to see that my programme account looked like this:


yeah. bidding in the blind ain't fun.

but, it is pretty awesome to see that i got such figures so "zhong". never was lucky at lucky draws.

but, i give God the glory. couldn't have been so accurate for 2 modules.

hopefully, this is a sign to a different academic year.

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