Friday, October 27, 2006

How do I name fried dumplings? Let me count the ways...

Today's blue skies reminded me of a song I sung frequently in my heydays:

Glad that I live am I
That the sky is blue
Glad for the country lanes
And the fall of dew

After the sun, the rain
After the rain, the sun
This is the way of life
'Til the work be done

All that we need to do
Be we low or high
Is to see that we grow
Nearer the sky

My scgs school song. haha. I guess Clara's like the only I know who'd sing it with me;)

Dear God,
thank you for blue haze-less skies;)

Today was a pretty hilarious day. I laughed quite hard twice.

The first, I bumped into Christian and had a chat with him. That poor guy's inbox is full of messages to himself. Ok, to give him credit, he smses reminders to himself. I laughed for a full minute on finding out, cos, he's like the first person I know who smses himself. What a waste of money. Then again, I promised that poor guy I'd sms him more, since he doesn't know that many people here in S'pore.

The fried dumpling fiasco at Fong Seng's -after-cg-supper was even more hilarious.

The Eskimos have 27 different words for snow, while the English Language has only 1.

How about fried dumplings?

Well, according to Eugene, there're at least 4:

(To put into context, this was after Kumu spent a good 5 minutes trying to get the attention of the "Manchu" auntie who works in a Tawainese (afamosa) noodle shop. In the end, he sends his poor friend Shaun to order.)

Kumu: Shaun, can you go order those fried dumplings?
Shaun: What are they called in Chinese?
Eugene: go ask the aunty for shui jiao (or dumplings in soup)
Me: No lah, they aren't called shui jiao!!
Eugene: Aiyah, then ask her for tang yuan la. ( glutinous rice dumplings in sweet soup)
Eugene: I dunno lah, what are they then? WANTONS? (fried flat dumplings)
Me: EUGENE!! THEY ARE GUO TIES!! (fried dumplings)
Eugene: aiyah, what's the difference? they are all the same!

Trust me, when Eugene said tang yuan, Ryan choked in amusement. He has always been saying his chinese is bad, but at least he knows what tang yuans are.. Liz was laughing so hard, she couldn't eat her noodles.

oh boy, I've not had such a good laugh in ages.

It seems when the weather clears, so does my mood. Hope I actually have joy and not just happiness.


clara! said...

miss fam you TOTALLY killed elizabeth barrett browning's how do i love thee sonnet! but funny lah. haha

and the guotie fiasco spilled over to my table too lah, we were laughing quite hard. but TANGYUAN takes the cake.

and we wont see miss heng retire boo. i love the sc song altho i felt quite stupid singing it last time. like "after the sun the rain, after the rain the sun", like er DUH. but then someone told me it had a biblical principle or smth

does it?

oh did i say hello? hello anyway miss fam! tata!

as the above! said...

oh and maybe you have like some variant of seasonal affect disorder.

hur. happy happy (: double tagging just because i remembered it. but it also means i'm thinking of what you blogged about.

now aren't you flattered? hur.

purplecross said...

you are still awake at 3.08am?? heh. yes, i am flattered=D

yes. Mrs Chua, the music teacher, told our class that it's a very old hymn;)

so much for a peranakan school with a taoist-like school emblem, with a christian school song??

maicie said...

that was supppeerrr funnyy.... i have to control my grin at science CBLC here.

i can soooo imagine eugene's expression. hahahaha. :)

maicie said...

oh btw... ur CG either turns up for supper in full or not at all... =/

purplecross said...

no lah. this was only 2/3s of us.

woolly-headed lamb said...

part of the other 1/3 apologises :P that sounded pretty funny

emily said...

i think fried dumplings may be termed "zha shui jiao" too, as in fried dumplings.'ll be 5 ways to name a dumpling (:

JB soon please.