Monday, February 05, 2007

wanna learn Hanguel... anyone?

adeline is looking for someone, a guy preferably, who's willing to learn Korean with her. If he has no interest in learning Korean, that's fine. The minimum requirement is that he's willing to make new friends(with adeline's Korean friends. not her).

adeline wouldn't resort to such shameless advertising on her blog if not for the fact that most guys (like her cgl and prayer co-ord) are only interested in pretty Korean babes or others are only interested in Korean christian songs.

ok, jokes aside. I am serious about looking for a guy to learn Korean and teach English to these 2 Korean guys. Your reward will not be in the form of monetary payment, but perhaps heavenly treasures sounds enticing? plus, Wook and David are really nice! I'm trying to be friends with them, but I think at times, a guy could do a slightly better job in terms of male-bonding... let me know if you have friends who are interested. Oh, I must add, you must be from nus, because I meet them in nus.


euns said...

ade, i'm sure if u didn't specify tt u wanted a guy for this job, a ton of girls wld have applied for the position/privilege. hahaha

so perhaps giving ur cg a Rain song to dance to on Sat was timely eh? hahaha

debs said...

his name is wook? you SURE he is korean?? hamsameda!