Sunday, March 04, 2007

i did bake in the end

orange and butter cupcakes. yummy, with that hint of zest. and brownies for ming. heh.

anyway, there are a few reasons why I take a break from blogging:

1. I am really busy

2. I can also be really lazy

3. I have close to no inspiration.

well, for the past month, it was a combination of the 3, but more so of no inspiration.. if this blog talks about my life and I feel like there's nothing much to say, it's rather telling. It just shows that God and me haven't been that good friends. When life becomes ok and nothing new, I don't have much to right about. So, yup, that pretty much sums up the past month. Stuff have happened. and ya. Now, I'm just tired. But I've got a lot of stuff to say.. which I'd leave for another time, but considering the workload now it'd just not materialize...

Anyway, this just shows how there are times that I can take God for granted and leave Him out of my life, (un)intentionally at times. When I do that, my life suffers, I'd just be numbed to the things around me, and more importantly the Holy Spirit. Things will be ok, and that's about it. close to boring. But that's not because life is boring, it's because I left God out of it.

Yup, anyway, this week was good. Because for some (un)known rason, I got shaken out of it.. and am spending more time with God. Things feel better now;)


maicie said...

"When life becomes ok and nothing new, I don't have much to right about."

right... write... homophone effect.

-- J e e L e e -- said...

Hey partner,

Sorry for not making time for you!


matt said...

yay you baked - thus ending a month-long period of suspense for the faithful checkers of your blog =p

purplecross said...

right ms.. heh. thanks. yes. and hullo to the faithful checkers of my blog. heh.

debs said...

*poke* lubchewdeepdeep :)me shall give u a fish o fillet :)

[wins]* said...

haha oo u baked. i also want. =P.
next thing u know, all the faithful checkers of your blog will be quoting 'i did bake- orange and butter cupcakes' n then we'll have to wait for ur next post. hahaha.

purplecross said...

hahha.. i should bake for you guys to satisfy you all, right? heh