Monday, March 19, 2007

One of the things that keeps me very awake.

Coke light or Diet Coke.

Ruth introduced it to me at night cycling last year. I had (stupidly) left my bottle to sit at matt's home. And of course we had to cycle the entire night. And I was really thirsty. I drank a bit and realised it tasted better than all the hype.

And seeing ruth now and then means seeing her, usually, with a can or bottle of Coke light.

I just burped last 5 times. To try and not make burping sounds, yet burp. PAINFUL. gosh. all those gas. bah. But it keeps me awake. My eyes were like tired from all those collecting of data from Singaporean male food-blogs (better known as flogs).

Been told lately by a no. of friends that I look tired. I guess I do. I have been feeling tired. It's been hard to wake up early. And I've not been watching late night korean dramas. ok.fine, I have, save for that one night. To reward myself last tues for doing what I had set out to finish, I finished up the last 2+ episodes of The Wedding. Ohgreatchair and Icantstandnoiseonmybusride were smirking and rolling their eyes when I was recounting the plot to my dear ms.

I paid the price dearly because the next day, I made up by sleeping 12 hours. Doesn't help that I've had a mild (to others' standards. But major to me) pimple breakout. Which I think has to do with me deciding to apply moisturiser with SPF 20 everyday before I step out of the house, because the sun is seriously way too strong. I have henceforth stopped... which is worse: pimples or skin damaged by UV rays. I don't know. Because I can only see the pimples on my forehead now.

Ok, I have digressed. I've gotta go. Was just reminded that I had volunteered my services to compile a project, of which I thought was done by someone else... ta/


debs said...

diet coke is like ambrosia from the heavens. it keeps you awake without the calories from coffee or coke. how much better can that be? :D caffeine is always good :D

william said...

DRINK RED BULL. Sure keep you awake. If cannot, drink more red bull. To ensure you keep awake, drink till you need to use the loo, and dun go. You WILL stay awake.

Anonymous said...

diet coke is a money-waster. the only difference it has from real coke is more air. literally.

purplecross said...

and i'd pee in my pants, william. heh.

Anonymous said...

really no problem over the belated birthday greeting *grinz*

i didnt go for youth or powerkids yesterday. initally it was because of a friend's wedding but later it was because i have to work... so i ended up spending the whole saturday (yesterday) at the hospital.

i didnt go for youth or powerkids on the 17 march too - i'm helping out at a conference... which probably explains why you didnt see me. but anyway i went on friday to join the adults in the discussion (i just join another cg) of spiritual gifts so in a way i didnt really miss out on pastor jabez teaching on sat. i miss Powerkids though! Haha!

i cant remember if i working on good friday weekend. cant rmb my schdedule. gota check. but should be ok... but let me check first. Haha

Anonymous said...

i refering to the saturday on Good Friday weekend. i shouldnt be working - hopefully! will let you know =)