Wednesday, October 20, 2004

blocked nose

i woke up this morn with my left-half of the nose.

ok. that doesn't really matter, other than the fact that i can't breathe properly. now, why did i come online to blog? i'm relieved bcos of an answered prayer. the one thing that has been bothering since the start of school(other than school. ah haha) has been settled.. so peaceful.. and i can actually concentrate on studying now(exams are in 4 and a 1/2 weeks time) funny how God works everything out, in His time.

funny that anyi should say i'm sounding so child-like..lots of things have been on my mind recently girl.. if i start writing in grown-up-speak, i'll just totally depress myself. besides, its good to have a child-like faith in God, ya? even if it's hard. sigh. oh well.

i gtg.. have that stupid-sure-to-fail psych test to study for..

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smeel said...

what's on aedes's mind??