Monday, October 11, 2004

daft draft

realised that my recent posts have been so purile.. yeah. i know. trying not to think too much abt things. oh well.. u'll know a little about it soon.

my brain's been overcrowded with thoughts. too many things have been going on. i remember mr ariffin said before that i had to learn how to work under stress better. i always thought i could(i.e. u know when exams are just around the corner n u start studying like mad.. ) too many things have been going on. and sometimes, i don't know who to trust. that's no good. i kinda fear that that child-like part of me is slowly ebbing away... .. .

school's getting better(bcos God sternly told me while i was doing my quiet time that i had better get out of my depressive rut. ha. oh well, i'm trying God, i really am. but, it's just so difficult..) i can thank God that i've not been distracted by the opposite sex in nus(Lol. does it help that they are not appealing enough??) and a stable family that i can count on. oh. and vcf. it's been keeping my sanity, providing support spiritually, constanty reminding me to reach out to friends and not wallow in self-pity. yup yup ^ ^

ah. and above all, i do thank God for giving me peace and strength (:

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