Wednesday, December 22, 2004

busy busy busy christmas

non-stop shuttling from one christian event to another.. it's supposed to be good..but it goes to the extent of me neglecting my other friends. i know i'm spending too much time with christian stuff..1st, it was youth ee trainin(can really see God moving), then wefc youth camp(amazin to see non-xtians want to accept Christ), qbc return of the king camp(revival pumpin to see our Christian youths wantin to be prepared), the gig@taka(heh. it was fun), vcf china students orientation(in e midst of it), ywav Christmas party(tomorrow!!).. trust me, that's not all.. there's more to come in next 10 days. i'll tell you more abt all these when i finally get to spend an ENTIRE day at home doin NOTHIN...which, won't be soon.. but, just felt like bloggin..

the problem is that i can go out on the streets n do ee, i can reach out to the youths, i can talk to the china students and be excited abt sharin Christ with them... but then, i miss out on my own friends. to me, lifestyle evangelism is uptmost important. 80% of xtians knew Christ through a friend/family..and i know i'm not doing enough.. i cant even bring a friend of my mine to Christ. i can't even let them know of this wonderful gift of eternal that they can actually receive. i can't even let them know of the true meanin of Christmas.. i can't help my Christian friends who are still not strong in Christ to grow. i dont spend enough time with ANY of them. liz came back close to a month ago, n i've NOT seen her. i don't even know where sondha is now..argh.

it explains a lot when my smses arent replied. i dont even know wat to do.. i still have so much to learn.. how to allocate time appropriately..

i guess, i've to get right with God first. haven't even been spending enough time doin QT, if i'm not too tired out to do. sigh. adeline fam READ THIS:BLOCK OUT ONE DAY FOR EQTWG.

anyway,my dear reader who is readin this, dont worry, i'm fine. just a little too tired n busy. i know wat i need to do. just help me pray to God that i will do wat needs to be done, k?

if i don't blog before Christmas, have a Merry Christmas(: May you celebrate Christmas because of Jesus' birth and not anything else. Amen!

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