Thursday, December 02, 2004


heh. i'm so happy!!! Taufik WON Singaproe Idol!! so cool. he's so cute. then again, so is nathaniel n david.. but, Taufik can sing!!! heh. okok. FINE. before i start sounding like some love-crazed teenage-bopper fan, i shall stop my gushings(:

*grins* anyway, yes. i am proud of tua Taufik. esp when he's going to go world idol, he definitely will beat rueben studdard anytime. and go make Singapore PROUD!

ok. i stop.

the exams ended over a week ago.. n i'm at home nursing a stomach flu.. not that i'm complaining... cos, stomach flu=eat less=lose weight!!! i think i ate something wrong at jb on monday. either that or i had too much yami yoghurt.. plus all the walking done last week during youth ee, it feels good(to be eating less..) you've no idea how much i eat when i study..

what's most important is that last week@youth ee was GOOD!! i'm so proud of each of the trainess from qbc.. they surprised me. plus the effort they put in to mug everyday N how they are sharing the gospel to their friends n relatives now tt they know how's just amazing to see the urgency in them. it's something that i must learn too. i've to learn to make witnessing a lifestyle. it was awesome also to see God work in both the youth leaders n youths. must say that eric led a very good worship on sat(: God always works. He doesn't need humans, yet He still uses each one of us as His instruments.

it's my prayer now that all the ppl we've shared the gospel with on the streets will realize the urgency of believing in God. that only God can truly satisfy them. sigh. we just gotta keep praying(:

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