Tuesday, June 14, 2005


this is an absolutely gross thing to write, but, my stomach is churning. ugh. i'm sick, down with some kind of flu that inflicts fever and diarrhea, possibly cough. down since sunday night, caught possibly from one of my brothers(abel or asher) OR one of the kids at the centre who have been sneezing at me/my arm/in my face.

plus, i think it only worsened because i've been getting only 6 hours of sleep or less for the past few weeks, eversince i started work, only to be aggravated by my staying over at the cia camp on sat with the sec4s. BUT, i had a good talk with serene& wen. (duh it was good.. i slept only an hour)AND i got to see my sec2s.. they are growing up!!

i hope i'm well enough to go back to work tomorrow and well enough to eat chicken rice balls in malacca at the church retreat.

i can only say one thing: i am growing old.. no more late nights -.-

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