Tuesday, November 01, 2005


i'm actually feeling a combination of tiredness (i just came back from young adult retreat), stickiness (i just played a lil' pickle ball), hunger (the fridge is still empty..).

inspired by the "wonderful" (haha) entry that the nuthead blogged for me (check out the next entry *points below*), because i was stoned. i've been thinking, actually i do miss ywav.ok, i don't need to think that i do miss them. sigh

here's some of my favourite pictures:

me, the nut and wen. ooh. and because i've finally moved, which means i finally get a washing machine, i can finally wear the white adidas shirt!! because i don't trust myself washing white clothes. yay!

sos girls. minus the one guy.

i actually take great pride when the younger youths grow taller than me. yes, i'm no longer in denial, clement is taller. i accept that.

my sec one, eh, no. these are my sec two jam girls.. aiyoh. so fast. i keep forgetting. it seems only yesterday they entered ywav. and it seems only yesterday i left qbc.

but, living beside church (wefc) now, which in case you do not already know, i've just moved last week, is quite funky. haha. caleb just yelled my brother's name from church. and all andrew had to do was stick his head out of the window and wave in response. it's hilarious. you want any fam-family member? just holler, we'll be down pronto. well, almost.

you know, i just realised, i don't have a pic of the new cg in church. oui, calling out to my cgls.. why no photo??

ok, i'm feeling drowsy. i should go sleep now. i'll blog more coherent stuff another day. i actually have a lot to say. and yes, i know i'm cheong hei=X

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wen said...

Hey Ade, we shld take another picture... flashing our hps and wearing that shirt... talk about coincidence.