Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Oh my soul

evan led this song about a month ago at cbs, and i always thought it was a rather cool song. but, when D posted Isaiah40 on her blog, i was quite surprised to see that this song is actually an adaptation of Isaiah 40.

anyways, i'm not posting this song up just because it has a double cool factor. but, more so, the Bible& the lyrics are so true. I have already heard, been told from the beginning that the Lord is on my side. yet, i live out my life as if i've never heard this truth before, worried about stuff, which ultimately lies in God's hands.

Oh my soul

Oh my soul, do you not know,
Have you not heard,
It's been told from the beginning,
The Lord is on your side!

Oh my soul, don't be afraid,
Trust in the Lord,
By his righteousness and power,
He will strengthen, He will guide.

And I will soar on wings like eagles,
Held by the hand of God,
I will run and not grow tired
When on His name I call.

For the Lord is never weary,
His ways are beyond my thoughts,
I will trust in Him with all my heart.

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