Sunday, March 19, 2006


life's a struggle.. i echo what eugene blogged.

sometimes, having too much fun, actually scares me. and fri's wackiness at flor's birthday party was a testimony. i enjoyed myself. (happy birthday flo;) tremendously. perhaps, a little too much. debs thinks we all went a bit too insane as a result of all the writing we had to do this week.

i think i am finally seriously feeling the brunt of 6 modules.

talked to pam& hwees on the way home friday, and we were saying how scary it is when things go well. how often, life revolves around us, as much as we know it should be God.

came home & told nut some stuff. and, it got me thinking even more.

all the thoughts in my head + things people have been saying drove me to really want God speak to me at that moment. to tell me. to just speak. something.

ended up reading the entire ecclesiastes, which made me feel that things in life are more meaningless than ever.

went for tuition this morning, and then for cg outing. and had to fend off a 1000 and 1 thoughts that were wriggling around like annoying mozzie larvae...

had to endure my mom's snappiness, which was a result of a fault of mine this morning.

still thinking a 1000 and 1 thoughts.

still wishing that God would speak and make things clear. now.

and i think, i'm off to do qt.

pray for me, yeah?

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debs said...

*huggies* no, not the diaper even though life can be full of crap... :)