Thursday, November 18, 2004

ooh exams..

guess wat. the exams start tomorrow. and they will be over in 5 short days. why short? bcos i know i cant finish studying. there's 6 more chapter's of psych to memorise til tue.tell me about retroactive interference...

and that's not including the other 6 lit texts to analyse. i'l prob get a C for this lit module. i got back lit term essay no.2. it was another C+. fine. the worst part was that the wonderful lit doc said i had to "work much harder" cos he couldn't see "much effort" put into that essay. right, if that's what you called 2 weeks of sleepless nights, so be it. and i'm supposed to feel encouraged. i'm only a hair's width from despair.

at least the exams will be over next tue. at least. if not for the fact abt the grades. it gets me worried, i must admit. the thing is, i keeping reading psalms. it's rather 'funny'. i read abt how God is firm and unchanging, that He will always watch over me and protect me from the 'evil one'. for the isrealites, the 'evil ones' were those who kept attacking them, throwing them into slavery, taking them away from God. heh ^ ^. i just realised something. was just going to ask what is that 'evil one' that keeps attacking me. cos there's nothing physically hitting me now(prob never will be any). i KNOW. evil one=anything that tries to take my focus away from God^ ^

so, pray for me, ya? that i'll keep my focus on God. i know that i'll do ok ultimately(at least i hope i dont get any grade lower than a C) some may call it 'blind faith'. but that's not what i want.

i want 'trusting faith'.

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