Sunday, April 17, 2005

oh. i forgot to add... after the sermon today, i prayed and asked God to give me direction in my lfe.. and also to help me in serving in wefc..and i prayed specifically that God will help.. it's not that im lazy or anything, but i needed a sign that God will always be with me as i serve Him in this new church..assurance.. so, i asked that after i prayed and opened my eyes, someone from the youth ministry would talk to me..

so, i opened my eyes.. and blink blink.. nothing happened.. oh well.. nvm.. i went down to the fellowship hall and got a little fazed out by the huge crowd for Ps Twee Kim's appreciation lunch.. and was starting to wonder what on earth i was going to do in this huge crowd.. and then..

i felt a tap on my shoulder.. i turned around, this girl, Aggie, a youth leader, told me that Ps Jabez (the youth pastor) assigned(can't think of a better word) me to join her cg.. oh man.. at that point, i couldn't stop smiling.. haha.. an answered prayer!! immediate! (well, almost ^ ^)

i'll be starting from scratch again.. as a youth.. so, heh.. i'm just glad God answered my prayer.. it's a new start to a new ministry!! i'm really excited.. ^ ^

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