Monday, December 12, 2005

bad christmas

i just realised a very scary thing.
christmas is in 13 days.

and i'm actually really tired, if not getting a lil grouchy. and being tired, means that my fuse is shortened, considering the fact that it takes a lot to get my temper going. so, i realise that i've been getting easily irritable lately. which is not a good sign, especially when i've just come back from youth camp.

i'm very thankful that youth camp is over. but now, there's today's combined thursday cg gathering later, wefc's first youth ee training seminar this week, the new youth cg, prc camp after christmas-- and these are just things/events that i have to plan and prepare, other things that i have to be present are not included.

i actually think, for once, i've gotten too much on my hands.

and just as i was getting highly irritated by some people, and i started complaining to mr C, who came back from an all time spiritual high from anntic, i was amazed that for once, roles were reversed.

for once, mr C was the one telling me to take things easy. for once he was the one joking, singing online. and to think, this time, he was the one telling me to go and rest.. ha.

plus, for some unknown reason, my voice is going. and no, i'm not losing it because of camp. at abt 8pm, when i was helping my mom peel garlic, i could actually feel my throat getting increasingly sore.

then, to have J, my jc friend tell me that God has healed me and to have faith. really brings a smile to my face:) i miss my old friends from previous schools and churches so so much. i actually miss being in familiar grounds. for once, i actually wish/hope that i dont have to take on challenges. that i don't have to try to do new things, don't have to make new friends.

but, i can't. it's wrong. it's selfish.

so, i need your prayers. please pray that:

1. that i would trust God and obey His commands.
2. for ample rest.
3. my voice would come back, especially with youth ee this week, i can't neither teach nor share the gospel with no voice.
4. i will not be so short tempered. that i would have God's joy in serving him back in my life.
5. to be focused on God and only God. always.
6. to love people. and to have patience to deal with them.
7. to spend time with God to remember the sacrifice that Jesus paid by coming down to this earth.

it'll be all pointless. God will be very sad if i forget the reason why i'm serving him, especially during this Christmas period.

Christmas is in 13 days. are you ready for Christ's birthday?

'Cause, i know i'm not. but, i hope i will be soon:)

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mr C said...

hey, i resent that...

this singing and dancing shall remain a permanent feature from now on...tsk tsk