Friday, December 02, 2005


i'm sitting here wiating for emily to finish bathing so we can discuss the prayer lab.

and yes, i've a delayed time reaction. my exams ended over a week ago, so, i've been free, meeting people outside and at home, made numerous trips down to church(which some people now call it my 2nd home...or is it my first?), celebrated countless people's birthdays (of which i've another party to attend in 16hours), remaining extremely broke(as a result).

there is also youth camp next week, a secret garden to create, prc camp to plan and publicize, work at sml to start on 12dec, cgs stuff to pray and plan, more friends to meet up with, and many more camps to come...

i feel...

what i would really want to do is to just bum at home infront of the tv and watch my hk and now korean dramas and discovery travel&adventure, read harry potter, catch harry potter (and chicken little, narnia, about love), read those books&novels that have been piling up on my table&under the bed& on the shelf, sleep, bake all those goodies from those blogs.

nuah in an empty home. there are too many people in my house.

and i think, i need to spend extended time alone with God...

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