Monday, December 19, 2005

prc camp

'stress' is not the right word to use for planning the prc camp.

'helpless' is the better word.

when i call people up to check on the things they need to do for the camp, they all say, "adeline don't stress ok!" for the record, i'm not stressed. stress is for times when you know you have a lot to do, especially with very tight deadlines, and you feel the workload piling up.

helpless is for the times when you know what you have to do, and you can do it(mostly, in my case). but for the things that are out of your control, you can only sit and watch and pray.

i should stress the word 'pray' actually.

pray because only God can work in the vcfers hearts and free up the days for them. when i finally took over the temporal reins from florence (who happens to be enjoying herself in paris and switzerland... fortunate girl:P), i realised with mild horror that moe had divided the prcs into 20 groups. and i was assuming all along, 13 groups. what this means is that if we need at least 2 vcfers per group, we would need 40 full timers. and obviously, we fall short of this number, quite majorly.

normally, camps, the major problem is getting the people the camp is for ( in this case, the prcs). but now, we have a whopping 169 prcs, but we seriously lack volunteers. and it's quite sad because, the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are really few.

and i'm now supposed to write a plea to encourage the vcfers to come, if they can. and i don't know what to write. sigh. for those who read, if you can sign up for the prc camp. if you can't do keep us in prayer. we really need lots of it.

somehow, i know that when this whole thing is over, i would look back and be able to say with confidence that God was in control of everything. that God provided the people, that the prcs enjoyed themselves, that friendships were forged, that God was and will continue to be glorified.

p/s if there is one thing that's really annoying, my mother. she insists that whenever she is out, i've to be at home to babysit my grandmother, and apparently my 15 year old brother ain't enough. pray that she would be understanding and that i would be filial.

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