Thursday, February 17, 2005

gettin sick

i'm in school now.. this is like the first time in ages since i've blogged in school.. which means that i've been very productive(i hope) n not wasting time online..(i.e. hibernating in the lib)

mid term break is next week. a measely four pathetic days. and adeline thinks she is falling sick. she went to bed last night very tired and with a horrible sore throat :( plus the nose has decided to be block..i can just taste the phelgm. i think i've run into the problem of too many activities, too much homework, too many people and not enough time for rest.. trust me, 5 and a half hours of sleep a day is simply not enough.

BUT, i'm not looking foward to next week.. too many assignments, too many readings to catch up on(but compare to last term, slightly better), too many people to catch up with, too many things to do, too many activities again.. and just 4 days. ugh.

and, above all, not enough time spent with God. by the time i come home eveyrday, i'm so tired, i just zone out infront of the tv. i'm just short of falling into bed without bathing. plus, may i add, the weather is so so hot the past 2 months, that i think i get a taste of what hell is. i simply cannot take heat. i need the cold. ugh.

so much for complaints. i'm coming down with the cold, so pardon me.

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