Saturday, February 19, 2005

hot weather

the heat is simply unbearable. didn't go for ywav today cos i'm really down with the cold. and the muscles were/are aching. and i feared that they would melt like jelly that comes into direct contact with the scorching sun. ok. fine. i exaggerate. the unfunny thing is that although i have the cold, i don't feel cold. -.-

hot weather makes me write stupid and irritated things.. -.-

let's write about something more pleasant. like V-Day:)
v-day this year was one of the most happening v-days.. heh. why? let me tell u, cos, i saw david yeo in the arts canteen!! ^ ^ he is STILL TALL & CUTE. the downside? i saw him with the same girl he was with the other time i spotted him at ps, which means, she's probably he's girlfriend and there goes one very eligible guy who's taken.

(i think some eyes are rolling now)

so, anyway, the next day, i had esc (English Speaking Corner) with the prcs.. i realise that these chinese scholars really know what they want in life. esp with the recent debate in the news about the competition singaporeans face with 30,000 chinese students in singapore, from primary school to varsity. i couldn't help but feel for them, the prcs, that is. i do get the whole notion of how infuriating it is to compete with these foreign students. in scgs, there were these few vietnamese scholars who swept almost all the bookprizes, from physics to literature. and then, last sem, i saw how the chinese really could jack up the bell curve of grades for my french class.. they were really smart/hardworking.

now now, before anyone starts misquoting me that i am anti-foreign talent, let me clarify.

to be in direct contact with 14 china scholars now, i've a better picture and understanding. these 14 prcs, 8 are your average "joe"s and 6 average "jane"s, came to singapore with barely passable english. trust me, i had to speak my really broken chinese to communicate with them. now, it's been almost 2 months since they've gone through intensive english classes at nus. and i now understand why china chinese do so well in school.

their english is still not on par with mine, but, they are really humble. they are willing to let me correct their english for them. teachability. because their english is not good, they make up for it by mugging hard. that's why they do so well in school. to make up for their not-as-good english. another reason why they study so hard is also to make it big. sucess is really important to them. they don't take it for granted. well, that's my theory.

one major thing i've realised is that chinese like any other people need God. back to what i said in the beginning, that these chinese really know what they want in life.

or, do they?

i just hope that they will grow to realise even if they attain love, career, family. they will never be satsified unless they know God. Matthew 16:26 says:

"What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?"

this is the theme verse for Falling.Spinning, a vcf musical that's coming up in the Easter week. for more info, go to Falling.Spinning

anyway, just to go back to v-day. my prcs asked me what i did for v-day at the end of the esc session. they had such mischievous grins on their faces and their eyes held that expectant look. when i told them that my v-day was boring, spent with vcf@swordfighters, their attention strayed and they started to pack up and not listen to what i was saying.. grrh. what was that supposed to mean?? that if i didnt have a date with a hot guy or ANY guy for that matter, it wasn't worth listening to me?!

oh well. c'est la vie.
je n'ai pas de ami. -.-
(french for " i do not have any boyfriends.)Lol. damn. my french is good.

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