Monday, August 22, 2005

aching mouth

if i could, i would chop off my mouth. my left wisdom tooth that has emerged three-quarters , is aching.. i feel like a teething 20-month old baby-.- plus, i bit the right side of my mouth a few days ago, in my excitement while eating(what's new). so now, there's this cut there.. either that or it's a breeding ground for a soon-to-emerge-ulcer. whatever it is, my mouth really hurts.

but, as always, one must always look on the bright side of life, right?! so, here's the plus point of an aching mouth: aching mouth= can't chew properly OR food causing further pain to the mouth. therefore, these would result in me eating less, which would inevitably(i hope) lead to a drastic drop in weight, like that of olinda cho/ quan yi feng/ rui en/ lindsay lohan/ *insert name of any female(and sometimes male) celebrity*

wow.i aspire to be as thin as lindsay lohan. let's celebrate with a green salad and topped with boiled skinless chicken breast.

*yikes* i almost forgot, i can't chew.

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