Tuesday, August 30, 2005


i'm highly annoyed.

i have this friend, who's overseas. a couple of months back, me, being the nice person, decided to email him and ask him how things were for him, plus, i told him what was going on in my life. he took ages to reply. and, when he finally did, instead of returning the greetings, he asked me to go and find out the emails of some people i'm not in contact with.. i was a lil annoyed, because, at least he could have the common courtesy to say hi and all the etc nice-ities before asking for a favour... i didn't reply his email for about a week, and then, guess what. he sent me another email this time, questioning God's existence, and then subsequently, my existence.. woa. that pissed me to the point that i almost hit the roof.

[ok, i figured, a lil background knowledge here would do everyone some good. this guy here, isn't a christian. i thought he was, and so did a lot of other people, until i chatted with him properly before he left s'pore. that's when i found out he wasn't. i shared the gospel with him and all, but.. oh well. since then, i've grown to realise that he seriously doubts the existence of God.how i know, he used to ask me all sorts of questions on msn.]

hence, when he used such a means to get my attention, i was fuming mad.. he made me feel that i only 'befriended' him to 'convert' him. as if, once he starts questioning God, i would respond pronto. anyway, why am i brining this up? well, because, i just checked my friendster account( i do so once every few months..) and lo and behold, what i did find:

Subject: hi adeline
Message: hey,does GOD exist,madeline?

do u have an answer...

-.- you even got my name wrong. tell me, should i be annoyed? argh.


maicie said...

sister.... i commiserate with u....

purplecross said...

heh. thanks meisi.