Sunday, August 14, 2005

moving house n the likes

one of my prc friends just went offline... to study. yes, study. and then, this thought struck me, that if i study at the same frequency as he does, man, i'm going to be on dean's list this sem. ( who am i even trying to kid =X)

anyway, i'll be off soon lah. i really should START on my south asia readings. the course pack is so heavy, i refuse to carry it to school, so i can only read it at home. but before i go, i must go wash my clothes, which, have i informed you, my dear reader, that i'm moving house?? yes, sometime next month, i would've moved to woodlands. uh-huh, you read correctly, it's w-o-o-d-l-a-n-d-s. even further away from nus =X but, thankfully, it's near church. ok, 'near' is an understatement. it's a 5-min stroll from the doorstep of my house, to the doorstep of church. heh. which brings me back to the issue of washing clothes.

10 reasons why i'm glad we are moving house:
1. we (finally) get a new washing machine. my present one broke down in may. so, i'm more than happy to finally be able to throw my clothes in a washing machine.
2. i get to redo my room!! it'll be either pink&green or pink&brown.. or just sky blue, w flowers. haha. i think i saw some horrified looks. ^ ^
3. i'm going to get a sofa!!! come sit, come sit!!
4. we are going to get wireless!!!
5. the new house is near church
6. it's also near 3 supermarkets, which means, i don't have to lug an ice-pack in search of those elusive ingredients whenever i bake/cook.
7. it's also near causeway point. which, actually, ain't a good thing, cos this would equate to more trips, subsequently more money spent. i should just go set up a fixed deposit.pfft.
8. ok, im running out of pointless ideas, i'm just glad for a change. i've grown to love change:)
in my 20 years of life, i've moved houses, changed churches, gone to so many schools, met so many people, changed so many 'best' friends, seen so much happen...
i realise that only one thing is common. and that would be God, of course:) and i'm glad i can count on God for always being there when i need Him, for providing my every need.

thank You God:)

(now, off to make a go at the dean's list ^ ^)

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