Sunday, October 16, 2005


in the end, i chose Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace for marcus&jasmine's wedding. figured, i'll save How Deep The Father's Love for my own wedding.heh. more so, because, i wanted a song that this young Christian couple could better relate to and understand.. and also for my mom. because, Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace is my mom's favourite song. i hope it brightened her day. i know she was pleasantly surprised:p

in less than a week, i've had to choose worship songs for various occasions. it's been an entire onslaught.. figured i would take them on, because i could feel God's urging.. and as this week of worship sessions draw to a close, with the final being this tue, i have realised that my entire life has to be worship unto God.

it's so tough to sing songs, praises to God saying that He is my everything, that i would tell of His goodness and mercies, that i would shout His fame forever, etc.. dunno, just find it so difficult to worship God simply. many times i just get stumped and well, stumped..i'll just stare at the lyrics trying to make meaning of them. is it just me, or nowadays, many songs, that are so pleasant to the ears don't really seem to be praising God. there are just too many 'I's in them, too many 'me's...maybe i'm being sensitive but, it's hard. perhaps my life is just not right with God therefore i can't give him the due praise. i guess, i really have to learn how to make my entire life an offering of worship unto God.

It's all about you, Jesus.
And all this is for you,
for your glory and your fame.
It's not about me,
as if you should do things my way.
You alone are God and i surrender,
to Your ways.


emily said...

hey :)

i think i can understand what you shared about the worship..with too many 'I's and 'me's in them worship and praise songs. i have experienced this very feeling before. i felt so disillusioned at the songs that were being sung cos of all the 'I's. i felt like it took attention away from God..and yet, in a very contradictory sort of way, i felt like maybe it was because i feared i couldn't live up to what i was singing.

ultimately, i say amen to your conclusion..that our entire beings must be worship unto God. i suppose, ultimately, the songs we sing should in part be a reflection of the lives we're living.

purplecross said...

hey, thanks.
btw, are u a friend? or some random blogger?