Tuesday, May 02, 2006

jim elliot

let's just say, yesterday after coming back from school, instead of returning to my el3254 notes, i went and ventured on into a new book, Shadow of the Almighty, by Elizabeth Elliot on the life and testimony of Jim Elliot.

one point to note, Jim Elliot's uni days life ( at least up to where i read), were really captivating, to see how decisions he made, were really God focused.

and/but, because they were so God focused, they dealt a serious and earth-shattering blow. resulting in me feeling so darn freaked, and knowing that if i've surrenered all to God, i shouldn't be holding this life and etc things so dear to me.

which means that, i've not surrendered.

which also means that, by right, these exams aren't that important, but because i've to be a good steward of the time and place that God has given me here in NUS, it's back to EL 3254 for me now.

i strongly encourage everyone to read Shadow of the Almighty, you can't not think of God.

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