Wednesday, May 17, 2006

no internet

there's been tons of things i wanted to blog about. and as the days pass, many thoughts get lost.. which is quite sad. but GOd holds all our thoughts, rite?

anyway, this is just to inform everyone, since it appears that i've not been appearing here on this blog, and on msn.. plus, the fact that i take a good 3to5days to reply emails, when in the past, it was daily(sometimes hourly).

i don't have internet at home. it's a long story. you want to know, ask me when you see me. but, if you want to know how i've been? my handphone is still working fine. so just sms. although, i've been receiving complaints that i take hours to reply smses sometimes, sigh. oh well. better a reply than none, rite??

okie dokes, got to go. see you whenever i see you, if not, sms. but more importantly, pray for me! and if you need prayer, let me know, i'd glady pray for you:)

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