Sunday, May 21, 2006

wait for the LORD

it's been a while.. and you are forewarned, this is going to be a long entry=D

i changed my blog picture to "Wait for the LORD" during the exam period. when i saw the picture, it just jumped out at me, because the past few months, the one main lesson that God has been teaching me is to wait on Him. to wait on Him for big issues like arts comm, relationships, discipleship; and even seemingly insignificant events, but stuff that carry importance day-to-day like finding a roomate for church retreat.

1. arts comm
thurs& fri, we had arts comm retreat at my church. seeing almost the whole comm (with a few missing cgls), i could only give thanks to God. God is the one who had formed the comm. each member, has been chosen specially by God. it's amazing. when we had vision casting on thursday night, where each one shared about his/her personal burden for arts vcf, i was really amazed to see how the admin side of the comm had a common vision. considering that we didn't really have meetings to plan the retreat, each burden was truly placed there by God.

like how after praying in school with adrian about the comm, to have jocelyn ask me if she could serve in arts comm, i was like *blinkblink/woa God*... to weiying's unknown (to us) mission in nus that needed to be unearthed, to winnie's seemingly long time to pray yet it was truly a process of distilling, to william's response after night cycling .. then there are the cgls too...

i learnt one thing. that i had to wait on God. there's no point rushing, because, God has already chosen His people, and He's simply using this time to mould them. in His time, He would call them when they are ready.

there was and is no need to manipulate people's feelings and thoughts. to coerce them into serving. if it's a no, then, it's up to God. if someone doesn't want to obey the call, then God will simply rise someone else.

for now, the practical lesson i have is that we, as a comm wouldn't have to rush through planning. that doesn't mean that we sit and dilly dally. instead, we need to spend time praying to seek God's direction and to hear His voice. and then, when He reveals, we would be ready to obey and carry out His will.

2. relationships

in a flash, i've completed my first 2 years in nus. and even i can't believe how fast time has just flown by... if you know me well enough, you would realise that i'm a slicker for setting things and time specifically for God. eventhough i'm a female, i can't really multi-task stuff, esp when it comes to relationships, esp of the opposite sex, in particular, that ONE special relationship. then again, after talking to farand the other day, i realise that, it's normal, because girls aren't really able to compartmentalise their feelings from their actions as well as guys do (which, we shall not debate here). and knowing full well of myself, before i entered nus, i specifically set aside the first 2 years to study and serve God, to concentrate on building up friendships and family relationships.. looking back, i'm glad that i did what i had to do, cos, frankly, it made me quite focused on what i had to do. i treat my guy friends as friends, which makes things quite easy for me, because that means i don't have to worry about bgr and all that (which isn't nonsense, but very time consuming).

and well, guess what, 2 years are up. and technically, i should be open to date. which at the moment, doesn't seem to make any difference because, well. there's not really anyone who's clearly the one. and believe it or not, i actually would like to be married by the time i'm 25, which, frankly, is not impossible.. but hard leh.

i'm of the mindset that dating is a complete waste of time. the time can be better used to build up friendships, disciple others, to serve God. instead of flitting from one guy to another, to see if he is THE one. thanks, but no thanks.

not that the biological clock is starting to tick frantically like a timebomb. not that i'm being brainwashed by our beloved government to make babies, which a friend cautioned me against couple months back, telling me to ignore all those campaigns. heh. not that my parents are starting to hint that they want grandchildren, although my mom seems to be scrutinizing every male friend i have now-.-

it's just that. sometimes, it would be nice to have that special person whom you can share on a deeper level and who can provide stability in this crazy world. which, by right, God is supposed to be sufficient for me. that i know. this, can take up another blog entry. i better get back to my point.

point is. when it comes to bgr, i've learnt to wait on God. to not do crazy things to try to attract attention from that person, to not stick your finger in to make things go faster..

and, yes. i guess, with more experience, i would be able to say how waiting on God will bring this into fruitation. but, from expereince with God in other areas, i know that God has prepared someone for me. that although things may seem a bit slow now, God is refining me til i'm ready.

okie dokes, hope this encourages you to wait on God. He makes us wait and not give things instantly, because He is more concerned with us becoming more Christ-like. i'd blog about the rest another time, gotta run. have yet another 21st party to attend:)

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delphinium said...

well sweetie, about bgr (cuz i haven't blogspyed in ages) i guess, God will bring you to it when He wills, and He will bring you through it.

I've met someone. buuut it's different this time round. call me on the 19th, and we'll talk. or i'll try and msgyou =)

<3 ya!