Saturday, May 27, 2006


i typed this long entry on lpc only to have the comp shutdown on me. and the entry is lost. if i even find time to type again. arghargh. actually, i don't think i'd find the time to type them all back again. in summary, lpc was:

1. a simulation of what heaven would be like
2. "prayer is very important" is going to be the foundation of arts comm. plus co-partnering with other faculty chairs:)
3. lpc was a microcosm of the academic year to come. of having to struggle over 2 issues.

want to know more, ask me out on a date, and i'd gladly update you. sigh. if i could summarise lpc in one sentence: i truly met God there.

thank you to the friends, for the times of prayer, chit-chat sessions, back massages, milo & biscuits, laughther, support... too many to say, but you know who you are:) esp when i wasn't my perkiest self during the camp.

thank God for the results, that i've actually completed enough MCs to be a full-fledged ARTS 3 come august. still need to trust in Him that He knows what's for me, and to not worry so much.

will be gone from 31may-3june to batam for church retreat, and then 5-9june, to hk. can't wait. i'm quite excited. after that, i may be starting work...

so, prob won't be blogging for a while.

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