Monday, December 25, 2006

2006 Lesson No. 8 - Work.

I got a whole lot more than what I had bargained for when I agreed to work at Pearson during my summer vacation. The one main thing I learnt was that working life ain't a bed of roses. I never could understand why people who used to serve so actively in church, would slowly fade from the scene when they entered the working world. I used to think they had chosen the chasing after the winds over God.

But experiencing a bit of it when I worked at Pearson, changed my entire perspective. Helping Emily with her Modern World History project (of which, I can proudly say I did the maps in that textbook. heh), made me experience real deadlines and the demands of various people from MOE to the authors. I got it easy. I could leave everyday at 5.25 pm to catch the bus back to Boon Lay. But Emily usually had to stay back to work overtime. Seeing her and the many others in the office who were rushing to meet very tight deadlines, made me realise that it's not really our call to decide how much to work. If there's work that needs to be done by a certain time, it has to be done by that time.

Temping at Pearson in the day, while having various cf meetings at night, made me realise that working life is tiring. It saps the life out of you. I had long talks with a few friends, and we realised that eventually it boils down to oneself. Yes, there will always be a never-ending workload. But we can actually choose how much to work, although it would be a tough choice.

I've also realised that if I don't start putting God first in my life now, it's going to be so much harder once I start to work. Reaching out, spending time with Him can easily fall to second, fifth even last place, if I don't begin and continue now.

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