Sunday, December 24, 2006

2006 Lesson No. 9 - Turning 21 in the family.

I turned 21 this year.

In my earlier reflections on turning 21, I wrote about my dad's 'reaction' in that immediate week. Close to a year later, there's been little things here and there that the dad has been loosening the strings that's rather sweet.

Like for example how I asked permission to go night cycling in May, across the far east (of Singapore. heh). My dad smsed: Take care. Then, less than a second later, he sent another: Take care and enjoy yourself.

Now, to do crazy things overnight, going on holidays overseas, I don't have to ask for permission. It's more of just telling them, to let them know where I am so that they won't have to worry. On hindsight, the really good thing about getting a handphone before entering university, is that the parents do not have the habit of calling you up to find out where you are, which I've noticed, annoys some of my friends.

In my teens, staying out late and hanging out with boys were the 2 main things to show that you were "cool". Now I roll my eyes and go "yeah, right. cool." Now that my age starts with 2-, I notice that I usually stay no later than 10pm when out with my friends. I try to get home before midnight, and usually reach home by 11pm. If given the option to stay out later for drinks, I'm always one of the first to throw in the towel and head home.

I've also come to realise that family is really important. While I was younger, I would try to spend as much time with friends. Family was secondary. I'm still no expert now, but I've since learnt to spend more time with my family. And actually enjoy it.

Had a talk with my mom in November, and it just hit home the importance of family. Even if the family can be annoying, but it's the one place people really know me for who I really am. Although 21 means indendence and freedom, I've realised complete freedom is not the doing whatever you want. Rather, it's living life responsibly that makes the people who love you, blessed.

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