Friday, December 29, 2006

prc camp

oh. I'm very lagging in my top 10s. heck. I've been too busy with PRC camp and other stuff to blog about the past year. And, can I say that I'm seriously too lazy to blog about them?

Met up with liz, sarah & sond on tues. It was good. We laughed over our old school photos. I really miss secondary school days.

Which fast-fowards me to uni days. Results came out. And I'm actually disappointed. Graduation in less than 6months is actually eminent (this word looks odd). But, I can say that each semester has been such a joy. The friendships are such blessings from God.

PRC camp for the past 2 days has been really good. For some, Anntic is the camp to go. But for me, it'd always be PRC camp. Each year that I go for, it's a different thing. Year 1 was God's wake up call for me to quit wallowing in self-pity and to realise that the harvest field is there. Year 2 was really a challenge of trust in God, that He is in control of everything. This year, I just found it all peaceful. My group was the nuah kind. And they are so so sweet. The look on their faces when we gave them the cards that debs, weng seng & I wrote to them. gosh. so priceless. You could tell that they were touched. They started comparing cards, and it was very funny when one of the guys Wen Hao (the mark lookalike) asked why we wrote different stuff on the cards (so sweet rite, debs?).

Plus it's always nice to be with people I can just be myself. I'm very grateful for good co-group leaders. It's way too tiring to manage a group on one's own. Will post photos up when I get them. Sb, help me get from T or is it Tee?? Oh and debs, I got all their emails. will be starting a yahoogroup for them this weekend. I'm looking foward to 13 jan for the afterglow (sb!! our birthday plans!! haha)



hwy said...

alrightz, will get from tee (u can call him T too. haha) when i see him online. u know he asked the girls to church for christmas countdown and two of them accepted the offer! haha. and tee's from FCBC too! yay!
erm.. b'day plans. ahhh. i dun wanna grow older. how how? i dunno. let's do sth special.

debs said...

aw shucks! i am glad they like the cards! :) *beams* i've got to agree with you on the point that PRC camp is THE camp to go for.
even though my legs felt kaput after thurs (and after that at night i had to run in the silly downpour from lido to phonenix hotel!) i thank God for the opportunity to be with a group, and not a station master (oops for choosing to be the latter. but God has his ways!) cuz it is always great to know them on a one on one basis. and it was fab hanging out with you! :)

debs said...

(ok being longwinded here) but..could we have some funny random name for our yahoo groups? like malahuoguorocksmysocks or something.
oh and the guy who took all our Amazing Race photos, he is called Cao Zhisheng (the one whose ipod became ipoo-ed), so i guess we could email him to bug him about it! :) pwingpwing!