Wednesday, January 12, 2005

2005 resolution

I am seriously STUFFED. Went to sond's house today w liz& sarah... apparently, to celebrate my birthday. I love my friends.heh. we talked a lot about relationships(or rathertheir relationships w their bf/guy friends). Looking at them, it makes me even more certain to stay off any guy for the next one&half years.. it's so time consuming+emotionally drainin.. I can't even handle academic stuff n church n friends n family well enough. Oh well.. so much for wanting to get married by 25 and then have kids before 30.. haha. It's hilarious, I know. I seriously don't think that's quite feasible(:

Oh well. It's almost an ides into January.. and I think I've finally figured what my resolutions for this year are...
1. spend more time with the have dinner with them once a week/fornight.
2. Befriend tutorial mates. And hopefully share the gospel with them.
3. exercise.Exercise.EXERCISE!!
4. work diligently in school.
5. Trust in God more. And to not doubt His plans for me.

So, there. My resolutions for 2005. I don't care about all those bs that resolutions don't work. Well, if you don't try, how would you know??

Anyway, the first day of school, yesterday, was good.. I was really tired by the end of it. But, thankfully I had a free day today to rest.. I better get used to this routine. So far, school seems good. I feel more confident. And it helps when you do know more people. What's most important is that I know that for this year, I should try to share the gospel with my friends.. which means, I have to go find friends first. When you kinda know what God's plan for you is, there's this indescribable assurance in life.

Okay. I better go off.. there's class tmr morn@8am. But, I'm still full from the lagsana. And I think I'm constipated again. I always am when school term kicks in..ugh.. how's that for my stomach??

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