Monday, January 31, 2005

le temps

i've been feeling happy recently.. joyful, if u think that's a better word cos' "happy" is just a state of mind. but, "joyful" is a state of being.. Lol.. i should go lecture philo ^ ^

don't even know why i'm feelin so good. it's good to feel good. i hope i stay up here for a while. it sux to feel bad. besides, it's been a long long time since i last felt so good.. life seems almost perfect.. which is dangerous cos' it may take God out of the picture.. must work extra hard to not neglect Him when life is smooth.

yeah. u know, i really feel good..

anyway, just a funny thought, i can't help but feel as if the need to find a bf is right in my face. nono.. is "need" the right word?? maybe "want" would be better. want to find a bf. it's tough u know, when most of your friends around you are either officially attached or half attached, havin an exclusive relationship with some guy. maybe it's bcos i've been 20 for half a month, and the biological clock is goin 'tick-tock tick-tock'. my mom says it's the AGE to start dating.. argh. it's not the pressure.. it's just in-your-face. and i find it very irritating..make that extremely irritating. everytime i meet up with my sec & jc friends.. the MAJOR topic is always about guys, bf. whenever i meet up with long-time-no-see friends, i must say i'm a bore.. cos' i have no 'interesting' tales to tell about any encounter with any guys.. (unless u count that super cute&blur psych guy i met last fri.. haha.. he's really REALLY cute ^ ^ he makes me actually consider taking psych as my major..tempting.. but, nah) it doesn't help that my mother, when talking to her friends, KEEPS mentioning her intention to kick my out of the house in 3 years time cos' i'l be "married by then". right. *fumes* obviously she is joking.. like she jokes even with the fishmonger about marrying me off to the richest guy in the market. "market", as in the palce where you go buy food.. not the general term "market". i seriously fear when the parents talk to other parents with guys of marriageable age and JOKE about MY marriage?! it is seriously scary..*freaks*

ugh. anyway, just an afterthought. i've been worried about what i'm goin to major in nus.. and i've finally decided to major in European studies, with a minor in English studies. this combination actually allows me to read History, Lit & 3 loves(: i'm actually excited just thinking about it.. don't u think it's cool to say that you major in European studies?? it's just so avant garde.

anyway, better go study for tmr's french test. Bonsoir ^ ^

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