Sunday, January 30, 2005

addicted to pineapple tarts

i'm seriously addicted to Glory pineapple tarts..they are so yummy, the pastry is not the excessive flaky kind, there's plenty of crunch from the pineapple.. ooh.. i would like to think that they are not that fattening bcos the pastry is not buttery.. haha. as if. i'm trying to kid myself.. unfortunately, abel just decided to try them and ate the remainin 3... -.- he should have eaten earlier, then i would not have devoured so many!?

anyway, fat season is coming in.. ooh cny.. don't u just love it?? pineapple tarts, bak gua, kueh bang kit, grandma's cookin, my mom's cookin.. cookies of all kind, chock full of butter.. calorie laden.. haha. n that goondu abel is readin over my shoulder now as i type and has decided to try the above mentioned..


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