Wednesday, January 05, 2005

new year

oh well..guess wat.
it's the new year.. 2005!!
*sheepish grin* okok.. fine.. no lame jokes..
i'm kinda in a hyper mood now..
sometimes i wonder.. the older you get, the more the brain degenerates rite?? esp with the amount of lame jokes i spew nowadays..

jokes aside.

it's 2005. and i'l be 20 in some days..(*ah-hem*i'm not as bhb as some ppl, who put countdown the days for you to remind you.. plus, blatantly tell you wat they want for their annoying*rolls eyes*) heh. anyway, my teenage years are going gone.. i'm left with a few days now..heh.. it reminds me of luyang.. she said she had a very low-key n hush hush 20th that time, which was like 2 years back, i didn't quite get her.. but, now, i understand. i'm getting old.. and it's not easy comin to terms with it. ok, so maybe i'm exaggerating the whole issue.

going to hit 20..
it's when more responsibilites are dished out.. your licence to act ridiculous, is almost gone. ppl, esp the older n wiser adults would give that wat-on-earth-are-u-doing??? look. yeah.. i get the in church sometimes.. esp, when i talk too loudly and laugh too loudly.. thankfully.. i'm responsible most of the other times.. if not.. there goes my rep..

this year.. is going to be a new year.. a challenging year. the school year will be interesting, i'm quite excited abt sem2.i'll know virtually no one for all my modules.again. but this sem is different from last sem. i'm confident that God has let me go to nus for a purpose.. and i pray that He will really use me this sem.i hope that i will have confidence in school, in meeting new people and making new friends. confidence. what a way to start the year. let's hope i have this same confidence for moving to a new church(:

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