Thursday, July 21, 2005


yes.. haha. i'm an english genius, if that is any encouragment for my decision to major in English. i've realised that when i say i'm an English Major, the very common response is, " Wow, so you must be very good in English, huh?"

ermz....well.... does the test below explain everything??? haha.. my england prowress...

do not even make me go into how i think my English standard has degenerated eversince entering pjc.. i tell you, that's what a neighbourhood school does to me. and those 4 years of scgs, where we girls were all encouraged to be vocal ladies(in perfect Queen's English, mind you) just went down the longkang. now, after 1 year of nus, i'm even more conscious of how much i slang in singlish.. this blog is a testimony of all my lahs, lors, and what-have-yous-.-

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