Thursday, July 21, 2005


it's very late.. but, i've a sudden spurge of bloginspiration.. haha. my latest msn nick has caused a little upheaval with some friends.. here's a sample of a typical conversation:

Izzy- says: hey
ade ` i love you, you know?/ says: hey
ade ` i love you, you know?/ says: are u aust??
Izzy- says: yups
Izzy- says: who u love ?
ade ` i love you, you know?/ says: you
Izzy- says: hah
Izzy- says: as if!
Izzy- says: who addy who?
ade ` i love you, you know?/ says: haha.. i really mean it
ade ` i love you, you know?/ says: i love YOU
Izzy- says: wha
Izzy- says: addy
Izzy- says: whoa.. addy wazzzup?
Izzy- says: hahaha
Izzy- says: wat modules u taking

yeah, isabelle got bored of our conversation and changed subject to that time of the year(choosing of modules.. another subject altogether). fine, i admit i'm being cheeky lah.. ( i tell you this is what singlehood does to me).. but, i just find it little sad that for one to feel fulfilled, one needs a partner(in my case, it's of the opposite sex). when i told justina i was very happy, and life was rather good, she went, "HAHA.. so WHO's the guy!!" i had to remind her that i don't need a guy to make me satisfied (but, may i add that that does not mean i pray that God bestows the gift of celibacy on me...).

yes, i'm getting a lil lovesick( a side effect of watching one too many hk serials, which i must add for the 2nd time that Ron Ng has such lovey dovey eyes ^ ^ they just melt my heart.. haha.i've weakness, yes, no??) coupled with the lovey dovey pictures of sond&her bf.. oh man. sometimes, yes, i do wonder, what am i "missing".. i'm in one of those moods..

but, to set the record straight, i'm not on a i-need-a-boyfriend alert.. more of a cute-hunky guy alert.haha. all for eye candy,esp when mr TALLDARK&HANDSOME-year4psych major is gone from the face of nus, i'm quite sad.. shucks, i'm deviating from the intended subject.

my point is, i love God. and by doing so, i'm supposed to love everyone else too.. although some people make things difficult by being rather unlovable.. i think i'm not ready for any serious relationship til i learn the lesson of loving the people around me.. which would include, my family, close friends, school friends, vcf mates, church mates, youths, tutorial mates, school mates, neighbours, relatives, community people, tuition kids, singaporeans, world citizens?? my list goes on..

have to show that i love them..

i love you, you know?

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