Sunday, July 24, 2005

random thoughts

here's some very random thoughts for today:
1. my dad thinks blogging is msn-ing, another form of chatting.. AND he expressed this thought during service today (^0^)
2. the nus websiteS have gone through COUNTLESS changes. each time i check the different websites, i swear, they look like they've undergone A LOT of changes. i get the feeling of vertigo(freefall).
3. i can't make up my mind how many modules to take this sem and which mods to take.. and bidding starts tomorrow morn.. =X
4. in the past 4 weeks, i think i've eaten dinner with my family about 3 times???
5. some insurance guy managed to capture my attention for at least 45 min. i'm amazed.
6. yday's prc gathering was good. and i've still MUCH to learn from God, as always.
7. my handphone dictionary doesn't have PIMPLE & i'm going to matric fair tmr.. wo mei lian jian ren + i just realised that my shift is during the last hour of bidding.i'm so screwed.
8. there's a mozzie bite on my palm.. it hurts.
9. cg retreat was very good. there was very GOOD sharing.. and i think it's so amazing and exciting to see how God works in each of our lives + it's encouraging to know that i'm not the only one going through certain things. what's most important is that we upholded(or is it upheld??) one another in prayer. refreshing ^ ^'s only 11.15pm and my dad is ALREADY bugging me to GO& SLEEP?!?!
11. tuition was surprisingly manageable. except for this qn on convection currents and the monsoon season.
12. i can't find my favourite purplecross earrings-.-


wen said...

ohy. since when did you teach tuition again? and science smmore!

purplecross said...

tuition? since sun, 24july:) i need the extra cash. heh