Thursday, July 21, 2005


i know it seems ludicrous(hanini's favourite word).... but, i fell sick over the weekend.(yes, school has not even started). better still, i think i overstretched myself last week. i do not even want to think about what is going to happen when the new Academic Year kicks in, and i start taking those 6 modules, co-lead a cg, be part of ifg comm, teach tuition on weekends, meet up with friends, be home enough to make my parents happy... not forgetting moving house(which, may i add, i've not even started to do any packing?!?) for once, i'm actually glad i'm not serving in church.

it's a sort of "happy" busy. this hols, if it's not another camp, it's another vcf meeting; if not, another going out to meet yet another friend. do i make myself to sound so busy? plus, i come home late almost every night, and come online to check emails and find some solace in friends who are willing to hear me whine ( you know who you are^^)

but, i must keep myself in check. it's crazy lah.. and it's just not the way things should be. yes, i've a lot of things to do, roles to play, responsibilities to fulfill.. and often, i feel so stretched that i really really wish i had 2or3 mondays, etc... but, there is a reason why God made only 7-day weeks, each day with only 24 hours... i haven't exactly learnt how to prioritise.. cos everything SEEMS so freaking important. and sometimes, i wonder what's more important. i'm learning things the hard way, in the form of my parents bugging and nagging at me. trust me, it's not pleasant music to anyone's ears... i'm still learning( have to reiterate that. learning.)

to my non-christian friends, all the things i do in vcf, church *any God-related activity*, are all catgorised under [Church] . i used to hate it(still do) whenever i meet up with my friends.. and they go, "So addy, busy with Church AGAIN??" (coloured words mine) now, i sheepishly tell them, " Er, no lah. i'm busy with cca stuff." which is, half true.. just that i choose to fail to inform them that my cca is ANOTHER christian based thingy... it's not that i'm ashamed of serving in minstry, or God... it's just.. how am i to explain that everything i do is for God??

My WHOLE life is for God. i've learnt that there is NO such thing as something more important than the other, someone more important than another.. (haha.. unless of course, you take HK hunky dories like RON NG & shopping into consideration.. yeah, they are LESS important) HOW, you tell me? HOW can i put my friends up against some youth or a cg member in comparison. HOW. i don't know. discipleship is very important. if you disciple someone well, that person can in turn, effectively discipleANDevangelise to others. but, so is evangelism. that's why my friends are so so so important to me. i cannot face the thought of everyone so dear to me, not being able to spend eternity with Him. and, to make things seemingly more complicated, what am i todo with my family?? i thought(note the past tense) that since my family is Christian, they are pretty much self-sufficient... but, my dear parents have been reminding(to put it very very nicely) me that "charity begins at home. how can you go out and serve others but don't serve your own family!!!" and if you want to know my parents' definition of serving, haha.. well, think along the lines of 'serving'.. not forgetting, "your little brother is 4 years old now.. in 3 years time, he'll be in primary one. if you all don't spend time with him, next thing you know he'll be in pri1!!!!!!!!!!!" ( do not even bring my grandparents into the picture...)

i'm not making myself out to be adeline-fam-the-great-whom-everyone-wants-a-piece-of.... eventhough that's how i feel at times(minus "the-great" part of course). i fear the term "burn out".. it's a term that suddenly seems so so real. i fear just being immobile midway during sem: the time where all essays kick in, tests are around the corner.. and best, i just don't feel like going to school... BUT, i read last week during QT in Hebrews 13, that in everthing we do, we are supposed to " bring a sacrifice of praise unto God ". i'm still learning. still trying to live out my life that is 1. a sacrifice, 2. in a manner of praise, 3. for God, the one and only.

learning.. learning.. struggling. kinda need prayer, so pray for me, ya?

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