Wednesday, February 15, 2006

nus fee hike

opened my nus email to see this:
[Student Circular] Undergraduate Tuition Fees and Financial Assistance - AY2006/2007

my first thought: oh crap, they are raising the school fees again?!
[raised to a whopping $6110 to be exact.]

secondly: i really need a scholarship.God please bless me with good-enough grades=X

thirdly: what hand did NUSSU have to play in this?

Nus says, "The University administration has met with the NUS Students' Union (NUSSU) to inform them about the new tuition fees and to explain the rationale for the increase.

NUSSU says, "Despite our vigorous objection to the fee increase for AY2006/2007, remembering that the last fee increase was in AY2005/2006, the University Administration still deems such a measure necessary in order to keep up with cost increases. NUSSU is also disappointed that despite requests to be more involved in discussions for school policies affecting the students, there is no consultation before this fee hike is announced to the Union."

fourthly: where's all my parents' money going to?

"The University is committed to provide a quality education for all our students while ensuring affordability. Over the last few years, despite active measures taken to keep costs down, NUS' costs associated with teaching and related activities have been steadily rising. "

more like: i'm paying more for more aesthetically-pleasing-white-ginormas-elephants, like the latest University Hall (which is only good as a bright & spacious walkway to Lt32) built to commemorate " a century of offering excellence in tertiary education".

if you know me, i'm usually not very politically vocal(typical Singaporean apathetic subservience..) and i'd probably just blog this, gripe about this with my friends, inform my parents while feel darn guilty that my grades aren't good enough to sell my soul to mr moe, pray so hard that andrew does more than well enough to get a scholarship for uni, worry about abel's uni fees later, actually think that it might not be such a bad idea to graduate next year after all...

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