Friday, February 24, 2006

rebellion ain't for the millions.


that's how one feels when one rebels.

you would actually think you gain liberty from rebellion. well, at least that's what i thought. rebel. refuse to compromise, refuse to open up, refuse to socialise, refuse to humble oneself.

instead, thinking that i am right, selfless..

and i think, that's one reason why i've been feeling the bleagh way for the past few weeks. unhappy? in a way... and i've learnt, the hard way, that by refusing to budge, i only become unhappier. absolutely dumb of me to think i was/am making any statement by rebelling.


lest you think that i'm suddenly going to bounce my way on the " road to happiness" ..

nope. i won't bounce.

and, for now, it doesn't look like happiness to me. it's going to be tough. to humble myself. if i had a choice, i'd rather go sleep.. but, escapism isn't the way to joy.

picture this:
a wobbly baby, drooling... walking unsteadily, with eyebrows furrowed. But, please notice, there's her daddy holding on to her hand, walking alongside her, encouraging her, taking pride and joy with each baby step she shakily takes..

that's me and God -- my Dad and King;)

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