Monday, February 13, 2006


sometimes, i can do the dumbest thing on earth, which makes me want to kick myself.

i blame it on the tiredness.

been feeling quite sleepy in the past weekend and today too. and since it's definitely not the time of the month, i don't quite know why i am so tired. stayed back in the library and struggled to make head and tail of the historical variation tutorial. struggled because i just felt so tired. eventually, i succumbed to the snoozing bug, only to want to throw my file at the 3 guys across me who were making so much noise.

oh well, let's save blogging for another day. i can't be late for my hist lect... debs& matt would laugh at me again like how daniel& matt did today. not that it matters, cos thomas dubios is too interesting to be missed...

oh, pray for me. tired=X i'm looking foward to mid-sem break, but with mixed feelings...

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