Friday, February 17, 2006

reply tags

this is for being lazy to tag, i tell you..

just me: oh. ha, will def donate blood.. as long as i get the drip-bag type. and as for your cam, bcos i couldn't borrow it on mon, a group member brought hers on wed, and we used hers in the end.. but, the presentation was good. i wasn't a bag of nerves.. thank goodness:)

swei: corrinne may is so good. you HAVE to buy her 3rd album which comes out@the end of the year:) there's this new song "beautiful seed". it's so beautiful=D checked out nordljus. gah. how do ppl bake such pretty, yet inedible food??

debs: so, fine.. u don't laugh. you just... ha. my fault anyway for being late for class =X

hannah: i def knew it was v-day. there was no way avoiding it in school. just ask your bro;)
how was your v-day@home=D

ming: of course it looks different, i changed the pic:) and, mon's def on. reply my sms leh...

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