Friday, February 17, 2006

why i blog

it's been hard to blog recently. not that nothing's been going on recently.

if you notice, i've been blogging more in the gripe-sense. it's been hard for me to express certain things, realising that my readership has become somewhat... vast?

[disclaimer: i'm not saying i'm some mega-popular blogger now].

my tag-board is testament. i've got vcfers (from cg to randoms), church friends (both previous and present), school friends, youths.. all who cover the age-span of 12-25++

that's where censorship comes into play.. certain struggles are ok for people my age. but, for the younger ones, it may cause them to stumble..

certain things i want some people to read, but because they are struggles, and a lil personal, it's not what i want some people i don't know well at all, to read.

then, there's always the issue of my overt Christian principles, which i recognise, may be a tad too in-your-face. then again, this is my blog, so i have every right to write what i want. if you are uncomfortable, shoo.

with so many issues to be taken into consideration, i decided to just put a halt for a while..

but, it defeats my main purpose of blogging. which is to show how, above all the struggles and ongoings in moi vive (my life), God is love. that He loves not only me, but every one else too.

yes. YOU.

so, in the past few months or so, while i've been blogging about nonsensical general babble, i've been forced to talk to friends. which, on hindsight, is a good thing. because, last year, one worry i had was that i had lost the skill to communicate well with people, face-to-face. and now, i think, that skill is coming back. and, if anything, it has deepened some friendships. and also, opened up a few more. for these, i'm grateful:)

but, i figured, i would still blog. ha. so, will probably throw caution into the wind, and worry later...

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