Friday, January 20, 2006

of birthdays

it's official. i'm 21 years and 5 days old.

and my dad has been harping on it. he called back on wed from Melaka and made me come to the phone to ask, "So, how's it like to be an adult?".

*raises eyebrows and deadpans*

"er.... Ba, there's been no difference these past 3 days.."

being the eldest in the family, and the only girl at it, my parents have been going through changes.. to be honest, i don't know if they agonise over this in private. but, the past few months have been rather 'releasing' for them. 1st, andrew went off to ns, then it's my 21st, abel's been getting more guai, asher, on the contrary, has been quite a handful (in my case, it's spatula-full).

freedom. when i was in secondary school, staying out late was a big big deal for me, i'd have to beg and beg my parents. now, as long as i tell them when i'm coming home and what i'm doing, i'm pretty much on my own (but that's also provided i don't overdo it by getting myself drunk..) the craziest thing i've done in the past few weeks was staying overnight at the airport playing cluedo and polarbear, to send Mark off at 4am. of which, i've come to the one conclusion: i don't have the stamina to stay up late anymore...

but, if there's one thing constant, my dad still stays up to wait for me. well, at least one parent does. i remember in sec3, after the acdc play, 'The Mousetrap', i came home at around 2plus. and my mom was waiting up for me. yesterday, i came home at 12.30 from a funeral, and my dad was sitting up reading DaVinci Code...

as much as i'm glad i've the freedom to do mostly what i want (of which, going overseas for hols may not exactly be entailed...), i do feel a little for my parents. i don't know if it's called responsibilty, but, i can't think of a better word. love?

i do know, a few weeks ago, because i was coming home late from prc camp (late? i managed to catch the last mrt home each time..), my dad one day sort of lamented that i'm ready to fly/soar (some flying anaglogy). how do i know? he was lamenting to aggie and frankie who were in the office.

as much as i think i feel ready for anything flung at me, i do know i still need my parents. eventhough they have the ability of nagging til the point of frustration, i know it's because they care.

on a lesser note, i'm really thankful the birthday party on sunday is over. it was tiring. but, you only turn 21 once in a lifetime, and i know i had to grab that opportunity to thank God for friends and family. as much as i've a lot of friends, i would rather meet them up in small groups. large groups tire me out=X BUT, i enjoyed sunday. it's a sort of weird feeling to see many of your close friends all crammed up in your house, trying to entertain themselves..heh=D

thank God for family and friends:)

p/s pics another day.

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maicie said...

haha... erm. someone told me.... that you turn 22 once in a lifetime, 23 once in a lifetime, 24 once in a lifetime, 25 once in a lifetime, 26 once .....