Thursday, January 11, 2007

my birthday wishlist

It is so shameless to be posting my birthday wishlist on my blog.
but the friends want it. and I figured I might as well say what I want.

but first of all, what I really do not need...
NO: handbags. I think I've more than enough already.

to make things easy, this year, and probably for the rest of my 2- years, it'd be cds and cookbooks.

cds because eversince last year, the process of conviction that piracy and ripping is so wrong, that meant forking out money to get cds for myself instead of ripping off someone...

cookbooks, because they are always so pretty and yummylicious and to prepare for days ( and years) I actually get my own place + kitchen.

1. corrinne may: fly away, safe in a crazy world
2. jamie cullum: twenty something, catching tales
3. the fray: how to save a life
4. casting crowns: casting crowns, lifesong
5. corinne bailey
6. damien rice: O!
7. House soundtrack... does that series House have a soundtrack??

I should stop here.. don't even think I would get all..
1. Jamie Oliver: Jamie's Kitchen

ok. this can cover a few years. I need to sleep. nite.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Adeline. I'm the first to comment here to say "Happy Birthday" to you, because I'm the last to know your birthday,hehe.Hope your so many wishes will come true.:-)
Besides, thank you very much for holding this year's PRC camp for my juniors, and also for holding last year's PRC camp for us! I've already thanked Gary(u know gary, don't u?), but I have no chance to thank all who helped us in the last camp. So I just post my appreciation here :-), coz perhaps a lot of your friends visiting your blog have helped us before.Thank you so much! It is all of you who have given us a very first good impression of Singapore. We are very grateful for all your help!!! ;-)

David Zong Liang

crayon said...

hey adeline

happy birthday in advance... so sorryz. i actually forgot when the actual date of your birthday. i'm really so absent-minded these days... haha! okies... not a good excuse...tell me when okies?

anyway. blessed birthday =)


hwy said...

Happy Birthday SB!! woohoo. it's 15 of jan. such a special day. :D