Monday, January 29, 2007

moody issues

I'm in a really bad mood.

I'm angry. Not pissed, not frustrated. Just angry. I don't know how to explain. I'm also hungry, yet I don't feel like eating because that piece of Chinese carrot cake I ate about an hour ago, is now is making me feel rather queasy. I'm also pissed because my mom didn't cook as I told her to. Ok, this makes me sound like I'm treating her to be a maid... But, when you are in a bad mood, every little thing that does not go according to plans, just makes one want to go ARGH.

I'm also annoyed at the fact that I have ZERO clue to my presentation topic on Language as a possibility vs Language as a probability. If you go huh? Trust me you aren't the only one. To make matters worse, the only book in the library that touches on the above subject has been borrowed out, possibility by the girl from the other class who's presenting on the same topic.

Plus my back aches pretty badly because I forgot that I cannot use my nike sling to lug my dinosaur apple. Tell me I'm in such a grouchy mood. I think I'd probably just go home later to sleep and cut off contact with the world for the next 7 hours. And I'm in school on my free day which is a monday past 8pm. Alone.

On top of that, my handphone decided to not make any sound. Again. Plus my brothers lost my earphones. I've been forgetting to bring things and. well, I could go on..

And perhaps I shouldn't go on. One thing I've learnt in my language and internet class, aside from incomprehensible presentation topics, is that blogs are egocentric. Well, ok, it doesn't take a linguist to figure that out. But, if you concorde this post, it would probably have the most 'I's per word ratio.

That's it with humans. Always me, my, I, myself. Things go bad. Argh. sometimes, even swear words come out. Never glorifying. But what's a way to glorify God in (bad mood) times like this?

Praise God. I'm trying.

ok.back to research.

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Anonymous said...

language is a possibility because humans have flexible mouths and tongues, a voice box with cords, memory, the ability to compromise/agree, plus a big group of people in an area (village, city, country, whatever)

language is a probability because there are only so many actions one can make. that includes winks, chin tilting, etc. plus it would take too long. plus some people can use parts of the body others can't. use your imagination.

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