Saturday, January 13, 2007

of rainy weather and goodbyes

I'm still up at this crazy hour of 2.53am.. because I'm still hungry. but I haven't decided if I want to feed the stomach yet.

and so it's raining again. today, it rained and rained and rained and rained and rained and well, you get my point, it rained somemore..

It was raining while I was sleeping. It was raining when I got up. It was raining when I went to school. It was raining on 96. It was raining and raining all through lunch with kumu. It was raining all through Minorities lecture. It was raining after that. It was really raining when I met up with matt. It was raining when Clara and I took the bus to Parkway Parade. It was raining while we tried to find that supposedly very good fish& chips store.. It was raining when we decided to head to the hawker centre for diner in the end, after walking like 2 rounds round the basement. It was raining while we talked. It was raining when we went back to change my nokia charger. It was raining while we slid across the overhead bridge to catch 36. It was raining all the way to the airport...

Don't know if it rained while we were there to send Christian off.. but, it probably was. It was not raining when xiong kun sent me home.. but we still got lost somewhere near Tuas anyway.

And now, it's raining once again.

The one constant thing: rain.

The next: goodbyes.

I finally realised why I liked The Fray's How to save a life. Not because a close friend has died.. rather...

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness

And I realised the fear is of losing friendships that were once dear... but then somewhere along, don't know what happened.

Xiongkun is such a funny bone.. he was happily driving along the AYE and we were talking about random stuff, until...

me: eh, how come the road got no cars one.

xk: we are not the only car on the road.. we are the first car on the road.

me: *turns around to check the back*
Eh! this is cool lah! we are the only car on the road!!

xk: of course. It's late.

me: but, no, it's only 1am... there should be more cars on the expressway.

* sits up to check the road sign*
TUAS!! why are we going to Tuas??

xk: you said continue on AYE and look out for woodlands ave 2. don't need to look for special turning.

me: oh no. we better turn around... and I better stop talking..

and so there, yes. you happily get distracted only to miss the turning. shan't be so sad about all these goodbyes.. there's a lot more to life than goodbyes.


[wins]* said...

hahahaha... that's very funny. u shd have just dropped by my place hahahaha. =P n yes xiongkun is so very funny. he'll just do what you say... and that's how you ended up so far from home hehe.

hwy said...

hahaha. you were at parkway parade hawker centre?!!!! why in the world did you NOT call me? ahhhh.. we were really at the same part of the island!!! oops. i'm violating my curfew so badly. shhhh...